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So, If I copy these cells, then use the shortcut for insert, I'll get the Insert paste dialog Finally, if you have entire rows or columns selected before you copy, the Insert shortcut will insert and paste in one step. Skip to main content. This lesson is from our online video training. In this video, we'll cover shortcuts you can use to insert or delete rows, columns, or cells. This shortcut is the same for inserting columns.

You can insert multiple columns and rows as well, just begin with more than one cell selected. The logic for deleting rows and columns is the same. The shortcut is Control -. First, select an entire row or column, then use Control minus to delete.

Shortcut key to Insert/Delete Rows & Columns in MS Excel

You can also use this shortcut to delete multiple rows and columns. So, I can insert cells by pushing other cells to the right. Or, by pushing other cells down. So, for example, I can use this shortcut to delete specific cells and re-align this table. Or, paste and push cells to the right. Related shortcuts Display Delete dialog box. Ctrl -. Delete columns. And now i have to insert one row after each row in a sheet of rows. It takes lot of boring time.

Is there not an option to do it quickly.. Pls help.

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Use Shortcut Keys to Add the Current Date/Time in Excel

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Insert one or more rows, columns, or cells in Excel for Mac

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Insert rows

I've upgraded to find out it wasn't available, so I've donwgraded again. Unusable excel. This needs adding back in. I've just upgraded and its making it difficult to use. I guess I've to go back to Office Absoultely ridiculous to remove this feature. How stupid could you be?? I miss it too. The new shortcut is too hard to remember. I miss option click insert SOO much.

Excel keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac | Office Hack

Bring it back, please! Adding many more clicks to achieve one simple existing function? Bravo Microsoft Mac team!