How to install windows 8 on mac 10.7.5

To choose different boot media when a Mac starts, press Option , then select the flash drive if it appears.

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OS X 10.7.5 - install Windows from usb

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Apple also mentions the versions of Windows 7 you will need if you want to install a 64bit OS: Go to the Boot Camp Assistant and start the installation process. In orderto do this from Snow Leopard, you need to click on applications from the Dock. Then click on utilities.

It should be located toward the middle of the second row from the top. From Lion you can go to utilities directly from Launchpad. From here, go ahead and click on the Boot Camp Assistant. Step 5: Follow the instructions and download the additional software necessary to support Windows on your Mac. Updates to drivers will allow your Apple peripherals like keyboards, mice and cameras to work on the Windows partition.

Alternatively, you can insert your Mac installation disc to download these drivers this may depend on if your Mac came with Lion or Snow Leopard and the type of Mac you have. Step 6: After you installed the Windows compatibility driver software, go ahead and create a Windows partition. You will be asked if you want to create a Windows partition first.

You want to do this. A Windows partition will allow you to choose how much of your hard drive space you want to devote to Windows vs. Alternatively, if you hardly plan on using Windows, choose a lower number for the Windows partition. Step 7: Next, you want to start the installer.

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You will be asked to insert the Windows 7 disc or USB drive with the software and then the installation process will start. The menu will be similar to the one above in step 6. It will appear after you finish selecting the size of your Windows partition. You can also use a different drive if you have multiple hard drives or solid-state drives installed inside your Mac. Keep in mind, however, that external drives cannot be used to host the Windows partition, as Apple mentions here. Step 8: Restart your Mac and boot it into Windows.

If you own Snow Leopard, you can press the Option Alt key on your keyboard to go to a menu where Apple asks you which operating system you want to use. Alternatively, you can use the Startup Disk control panel to choose your default starting operating system.


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When you boot into Windows, you will need to go through the process of updating drivers and making sure your Apple peripherals, like mice and keyboards, work correctly. Conclusion Macs are becoming more prevalent in the work place of MBS and even larger enterprises.

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However, despite Microsoft offering some of its software in the form of Office for Mac , there is a lot of software that is still exclusive to Windows that companies rely on. This is why being able to put both operating systems on a single system can be a life saver. However, what is missing from the Windows version that you may rely on is OneNote. If you want the best of both worlds, you can with this dual-booting guide. Sign up now for a 3-day free trial to access all of our courses.

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