Rename files mac os x batch

Anything is possible. Dates can be formatted exactly the way you want it by either selecting one of the pre-set formats or to specify your own.

Batch Renaming Multiple Files Using Automator

For a complete list of supported File Attributes, see the changelog. Numbering can be added to the beginning or end of the filename.

It's possible to exactly specify the number of digits to allow for better sorting of the files by filename. The numbering can start from any number and it is possible to skip numbers as well.

How to Batch Rename Multiple Files on Your Mac

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Right-Click To Batch Rename Files

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Two ways to batch rename files on a Mac

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How to Batch Rename Multiple Files in OS X Yosemite

With Yosemite came a powerful and very lightweight inbuilt tool in Finder for renaming a large selection of files. To use the tool, select all the files you want to rename and right-click. In the menu, select Rename X items. A Rename window will appear with a number of drop-down fields to select from. You can search and replace certain words or numbers, add text to all the file names or completely reformat the names.

go site You can also choose how to number the files -- either by index starting with a set number, a counter that starts at or with a date and time. Once you've entered a new format and tweaked all the desired settings, click Rename. All the files will take on the new naming scheme.

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Prior to the Yosemite Mac OS Automator is still a very valid and powerful option. It's an app which comes built into every Mac.