Mac os x mavericks change dock

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1. Change Icons With LiteIcon

Instead of building thumbnails of each application's icons each time the app is launched or a page is turned, Launchpad maintains a database that includes the app icons, where the app is located in the file system, where the icon should be displayed in Launchpad, plus some other bits of info necessary for Launchpad to perform its magic. Luckily, Launchpad failures aren't as destructive as mishaps at Cape Canaveral. Or, lastly, when you create a folder of apps in Launchpad, the icons return to their original location the next time you open Launchpad.

In all Launchpad failure modes that we are aware of, no harm is ever done to the Mac or any installed application. While problems with Launchpad can be annoying, they're never a catastrophic issue that can cause harm to your data or Mac. The fix to Launchpad problems involves a deleting system and user data, so before proceeding, make sure you have a recent backup.

As mentioned above, Launchpad uses a database to store all of the information needed for the app to perform, which means that forcing Launchpad to rebuild its internal database can repair most of the problems encountered. The method for getting the database rebuilt varies a bit depending on the version of OS X you're running, but in all cases, we're going to delete the database and then restart Launchpad. Launchpad will go to grab information from the database and quickly discover that the file containing the database is missing.

Launchpad will then scan for apps on your Mac, grab their icons, and rebuild its database file. Quit Launchpad, if it's open.

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You can do this by clicking anywhere in the Launchpad app, as long as you don't click on an app icon. You need to access your Library folder, which is hidden by the operating system. Once you have the Library folder open and visible in the Finder , you can continue to the next step.

In the Library folder, locate and open the Application Support folder.

Setting Up the Dock - OS X Mavericks: The Missing Manual [Book]

In the Application Support folder, locate and open the Dock folder. How to reset your Dock to its default Open Terminal located in the Utilities folder. Type or copy and paste defaults delete com. Your Dock will now be new as the day it shipped. Customize again with care.

Resetting launchpad database fixes most of its ills

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Tutorial: How To Get OS X Yosemite (10.10) Dock On Mavericks! (10.9)