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Launch Font Book open applications folder in Finder, find and launch "Font book. Find the font in question in the middle pane and expand the selection. You should see duplicate entries of each face, with some of them marked as Off. You should then see warnings that there are multiple copies of the font installed in the rightmost pane.

Search for the font in the search box and select it from the middle pane and expand the selection. If you have multiple versions of the font, you should see duplicate entries of each face, with some of them marked as Off.

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Ensure Font Information is selected in the top left of the window, and find the PostScript Name field in the right pane and copy it. Type the command ' defaults write com.

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Postscript names here are case-sensitive and must match exactly what Font Book. You can specify up to 50 names. Launch your Office apps. One your apps have loaded, quit your Microsoft Office apps and relaunch them a second time to see your updated fonts list. To delete the prioritized fonts list, close all Office apps, launch Terminal. We need your feedback to help us deliver great products. You can use the feedback tool in the upper-right corner of your app to send feedback directly to our team.

Please include the name and version number of the font. Thank you.

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Learn how to provide feedback. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Mac. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in PowerPoint for Mac. To resolve multiple version of fonts and make the latest version active. Search for the font in the search box and select it from the middle pane and expand the selection If you have multiple versions of the font, you should see duplicate entries of each face, with some of them marked as Off.

Furthermore, the Normal template seems to work correctly with Arial font, but not any other fonts.

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That's kinda fine for now, since Arial is acceptable for me. Does anyone know where the text template files are located on a Mac? Haven't been successful trying to find them so far You may have to choose 'User Templates' then click 'Modify' to see the full path. Unfortunately nothing changed. Hi mimirom, Having let Word recreate the template, you then need to open it for editing not just create a new document based on it , and edit the Normal Style.

Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm trying to modify it repeatedly with different fonts. This is the way I'm doing it:. Hi mimirom, What do you mean by "I'm trying to modify it repeatedly with different fonts"? From what your image indicates, you've changed the Normal Style's font to 11pt Arial in a document not the Normal template directly but you've checked the option to save that back to the document template.

In that case, any document you create from whatever the current template is should default to 11pt Arial. Hi macropod, by "I'm trying to modify it repeatedly with different fonts" I meant that I tried several times to modify the Normal template in a document, but with the "add to template" option ticked by setting it to various fonts as default.

Any new blank document indeed opens by default correctly, according to my latest setting.

List of typefaces included with macOS

For instance, I modify the normal template font to Courier with the "add to template" option ticked and then close the current document. Then I open a new blank document and that opens set to Courier. It's a mystery. Mybe it's because my name is Roman. Hi mimirom, What happens if you open the template directly for editing and edit the Normal Style? When you do so, make sure the Style definition for the following paragraph in the Modify Style dialogues is also set to 'Normal' - I note that this doesn't appear to be set in the document you were working on.

Hi macropod, I'd like to hank you for your ongoing assistance. Appreciate it :- I'm not sure what exactly do you mean by "open template directly. There I can copy edit the Normal. The "style for following paragraph" in the Modify Style dialogues is set to Normal.

How to Change the Default Font on Microsoft Office for a Mac | detabeby.ga

It is even on the picture above, it's just not very well visible. Hi mimirom, I meant via the File Open dialogue - you choose the 'templates' file type and navigate to the folder where Normal. Of course, a bunch of Windows Users answering a Mac User question, obviously none of you got it right Charles Kenyon Windows Vista Office 32bit.

In the discussion here I've noticed confusion. A Template in Word jargon is a computer file. It is confusing because there is also the normal Style. A style is a collection of formatting characteristics, either applied to a paragraph or a character.

Issues with fonts in Office for macOS

Templates hold collections of styles, one of which is the normal style. Many other styles base their formatting on the normal style by default. In Windows, and I suspect on the Mac, you can open the normal template for editing by using vba, even if you do not know where it is located.

https://sandcompborra.ga Once you have it open, you can modify the normal style and other styles that are used. Doing this will change future new blank documents. If you are using Word more than 6 hours a month you owe it to yourself to learn to use Styles in Word.

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Within two months you will more than have recovered any time you spend learning them. If you use Word more than that the savings are much more dramatic. Last edited by JohnWilson; at PM. I did for many years, but not recently. However, I suspect that the advice you gave will not allow the user to change the default font to Verdana or Century Schoolbook. The only way I know of to change the default font is to change it in the normal.

Of course, you can also change it in different document template and use that template for the new document. I would uncheck the box you indicate, though. I suspect it is the equivalent of the the Windows version command to match the keyboard to document's surrounding language.

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